Pacific CBT, in conjunction with National Social Anxiety Center – San Francisco (NSAC – SF), operates an extensive network of treatment services for those challenged by social anxiety. The process begins with a brief phone consultation. You will speak to one of our therapists to determine if scheduling an individual consultation and assessment is in your best interest.

The individual consultation and assessment occurs over one to three 60-minute sessions. The therapist will use assessment measures and an interview to collect your history and to learn more about you. He or she will present treatment recommendations. You will collaboratively determine the best course of action taking into consideration the availability of services and your resources.

Pacific CBT/NSAC - SF currently offer the following services:
  • Consultation and Assessment Services
  • Introductory Workshop on the Basics of Social Anxiety and Group Therapy
  • Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy using the latest research findings and techniques
  • Level 1 Adult Social Anxiety Group Therapy: 10-week introduction to CBT and exposure therapy
  • Level 2 Adult Social Anxiety Group Therapy: more intensive exposure therapy
  • Social Anxiety Alumni Group: a monthly drop-in group for those who have completed Level 1 Group and who want ongoing support.
  • Improvisation for Shyness and Social Anxiety (Adults): an introduction to the art of improvisation to help individuals confront their feel of making social mistakes and feeling awkward through fun and playful exercises.
  • Paruresis Group

Pacific CBT/NSAC – SF does not currently offer social anxiety services for children or adolescents. We hope to add services for children and teens in the future. The introduction of these services will be announced here.
Please see below for a list of upcoming events and services:

How Pacific CBT can help
Our therapists are highly trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and go through ongoing training and consultations to ensure our knowledge and skills can help you tackle your anxiety disorders.

At Pacific CBT, we offer the best anxiety treatment in San Francisco. Contact us for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to determine if our specialized services can help address your needs.

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