Social Distancing…no more

Social Distancing…no more

After a year of stress and adjustments, the reopening of all activities that were once closed pre covid has arrived. As social distancing and mask-wearing regulations loosen, many are anticipating summer months full of social experiences. However, with invitations to...

Anxiety or Fear:  Which is it?

Anxiety or Fear: Which is it?

You’re walking down a dark, lonely lane on Friday the 13th.  The wind is hallowing through the narrow path as you cautiously navigate the damp cobblestone.   Suddenly, you hear what seems to be a loud crashing a few feet behind you.  A black cat howls with a deafening...

Avoidance: Fuel to the Fire of Anxiety

Avoidance: Fuel to the Fire of Anxiety

As we go about our daily lives, we constantly shift our behaviors according to our surroundings. The way we choose to behave is motivated by the desire to put us in the most comfortable mental space possible. When feelings of anxiety surface, instinctual coping kicks...

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